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Full Version: "Box Break Forum" Pressure Inception Break
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Kind of like peer pressure, but different.

Here it is. Clay Matthews is PC, but all others are available FT/FS, but come strong on the Daniel Thomas.

[Image: 2011InceptionBoxBreak.jpg]

PM works best.

Thanks for looking.
I think theres a Taiwan Jones in every box lol
Haha I kind of want to open some inception too, even though it's the biggest hit-or-miss product of this year because of the box break forum-LOL!
Can you check me for the Fred Jackson? Thanks!
Like a shot at the AJ Green base jersey if possible. Trying to do the set. "trying"
(08-15-2011, 08:17 PM)jdetter23 Wrote: [ -> ]I think theres a Taiwan Jones in every box lol
Yea, too werid.
Probably be in every box but the ones I that one but gonna wait till I get some boxes to see if I get it
I know the pressure
I would love a shot at the Green check my org and bucket, its scattered around.