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Full Version: 2 More Inception
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[Image: 2011-08-14_15-57-07_540.jpg]

[Image: 2011-08-14_15-56-51_274.jpg]

[Image: 2011-08-14_15-57-32_183.jpg]
People are buying so much inception =)!
I broke one last night as well. No one that I went crazy for, but the cards are gorgeous. I think this is my new favorite set! Like I said, no Cam Newtons or anything, but I did pull my first ever 4 color patch. (And it was an auto)

All hits are rookies - meh.
All hits look incredible - I am back on board! :-)
lol Do I have anything for the Cam?
(08-14-2011, 03:35 PM)jdetter23 Wrote: [ -> ]lol Do I have anything for the Cam?
Only selling right now, sorry
How much for the Newton? PM me with an offer.
Looking for a price on Dareus. Can you PM me?
Man this set is awesome looking.