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Full Version: 2011 Showcase Rainbows
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Two complete and third is just missing the 1/1 auto. Enjoy!

Complete base rainbow

[Image: 001-1.jpg]

Complete Champions rainbow (w/one door number)

[Image: 003.jpg]

Champions Ink rainbow (missing 1/1)

[Image: 004.jpg]
Nice Labonte collection. I busted a box. I got the regular Labonte but got no Kenseth which was the driver I was looking for.
Congrats on completing 2 and good luck on the last 1!
Was trying to get the Newman 1/1 on the bay but did't have enough cash! These showcase are very nice!!!!!! congrats
Must be nice, I can't find and Johnson, Martin or Kenseth 1/1's. I hope to someday have a Rainbowe set of one of those three drivers we collect. Even if it is not a Johnson one. With Showcase, I have just about everyone of each of their cards, /499 - /125 - /99 - /45 - /25, and maybe one of Martins /5. But no 1/1's.
Congrats nice additions