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Full Version: Topps 2010, 2011, Elite, and a box of Rising Rookies
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Well, I was at a pack wars in Michigan tonight (small and frazzled competition due to the lcs just coming back from nationals)...but...

I didn't manage to win anything, but I brought my good luck little brother and got some Pretty big hits for not a lot of money.

Ingram is 506/999, Todman is 7/77, Ruud is 73/99


A PC Pickup, First Badger auto of the Year!, and getting his prestige one in a mailday soon

John Clay 214/499

And Topps 2011
I like the look of it, but the jersey piece is a little off center
Dwayne Bowe


Finally, Topps 2010
I really thought I might have had something here, and I did!!!

My First


Tim Tebow RC Jsy

Everything but the Clay is FT.
Nice teabow and rudd to bad the buce let him go
Yeah, Elite is hit or miss for me. I'm happy with the Clay and the look of the cards, but the Ingram and the other cards like it seem just too bland for a set like that.

Also, I realized I have a Gaines Adams auto you probably have already, Score Inscriptions /499, if not maybe we can strike up a trade.
Hey man can you check me for the todman please thanks.
Maybe a couple, but I don't think I have enough on my end to get the ones I'd want. I do have a LT jsy bv 8 to add, and another low end Todman base rc.
I LOVE Rising Rcs!. Don't think I'll buy another box b/c of all the doubles I'd get, but the hits are Amazing.

First off, Dexter McCluster Auto

Dexter McCluster RR Auto

Then, I was tempted to buy an A-Rod jsy for 100 bucks at my lcs Going to Au 26 game in Indy, all I have is a Favre jsy) but then I got this and all was fine.

Aaron Rodgers RR GU

Now for the Numbered hits,

Andre Roberts 18/25 Patch 3clr

Andre Roberts RR Patch 18/25

And My hit that FLOORED ME.

Living in Michigan this is the best hit I've pulled in a long time for Lions fans.


Draft manuPatch Auto

Nick Fairley

Nick Fairley 17/40 Draft Auto
I'm interested in the Todman die-cut. Thanks.
Congrats on the Fairley... if you don't like the Elite Ingram... you can check me for it.
(08-14-2011, 02:27 AM)ejnfl24 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm interested in the Todman die-cut. Thanks.
Didn't see anything of interest, cool cards, just not for me.
(08-14-2011, 03:40 AM)usafshelland Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats on the Fairley... if you don't like the Elite Ingram... you can check me for it.
Are you willing to trade the James Starks blue refractor?