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Full Version: Another Topps Jumbo Break and some R&S packs..
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LCS was all out of Inception so I grabbed another box of Topps Jumbo and some packs of Rookies and Stars..

First the Topps...

[Image: Topps2011-1.jpg]

and now Rookies & Stars

Auto is 7/25 Jersey # and the Jumbo is /50

[Image: RS.jpg]
Would trade for both hankersons. Who do you collect if your interested. I have tons of stuff i can add to trade.
That Kaepernick is amazing, the Todman patch is sweet too. Hey, from your jumbo, are you willing to trade your SB Legends Giveaway cards? Let me know, thanks! Again, got some sweet pulls!
awesome pulls man. Congrats. Are any of those FT?
Please check me for the Bradshaw. Thank you
check me for the todman if its ft please
For you guys looking at Todman, I pulled a 1/1 Todman Auto Parralell Inseption tonight.
very nice kaepernick!
Great break X2