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Full Version: amare patch
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f4bmgs 2009-10 fabric foursomes amare, miller, brand, gasol #199 has no price, anyone have an idea why not?
20$ at most can't be worth much more a lot of cards don't have prices on Becketts data base if they can't accurately say how much they're worth. but unless you have a low print run or some insanely nice patches which is probably not the case with a 4 player card it can't be worth that much. I'd say if u put it on eBay you'd be lucky to get 20 for it prob more like 10-15 if there's even a market for those guys...amare is prob in a suns uni too would be more collectable if it was from last year and he was sporting a Knicks jersey
i dont believe beckett recognizes that brand in the price guides since they are not licensed.
its UD? how is it not licensed?