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Full Version: 3 Box Inception Break
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Ironically I pulled two rc patch autos, both gold versions /50 and they were in the same box, the other two boxes didn't have any. I was very surprised to see how much the silver ink autos /25 (non patch) were selling for.

[Image: 2011-08-13_17-58-12_377.jpg]

[Image: 2011-08-13_17-57-21_471.jpg]

[Image: 961937720_photobucket_58059_-1.jpg]
love the edmond gates
if FT, please check me for the Hankerson Auto.
I am interested in all the base and parallels if they are for trade.
cmb for the leshoure
wow looks like you had a pretty good break!
Can you check me for the Dareus please?
Check me for the Green! Hawaii in the house!
Please check me as well for either or both of the Hankerson Skins cards. Thanks.
Sorry guys, only selling
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