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Full Version: 2008 Score Select Break
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Went to the LCS today and decided to try a box of 2008 Score Select to see if I could hit it big with either McFadden, Felix Jones or Peyton Hillis. For the most part - nothing to exciting.

Here is what I got:


Lawyer Milloy (010/100)
Randy Moss (005/100)

Gold Zone:

Neil Rackers (07/50)
DeMeco Ryans (35/50)

Gold Zone Hot Rookies:

Steve Slaton (25/50)

Hot Rookies:

Devin Thomas (922/999)
Matt Forte (980/999)

End Zone:

Michael Clayton (3/6)
Roydell Williams (6/6)

Inscriptions Autographed Rookies:

Josh Johnson (01/50)
Leodis McKelvin (349/500)
Tracy Porter (474/750)

Other Noteable Rookies:

Joe Flacco (858/999)
Peyton Hillis (762/999) FINALLY!

I am not tied to anything besides the Hillis card.

wouldnt mind getting the Flacco and the clayton/6
OK. I sent you a PM.
you probably should add them to org do you have any dup elways or broncos ? also i have hundreds of dup elways ..
I will have to check and see. I am still figuring out the organize feature. I will load some in for everyone to take a look. Thanks for the tip. Thanks.