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Full Version: 3 box break ~ 2007 threads ~ HUGE A.P.PULL!! ~ 4:20 pm pst ; )
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(08-13-2011, 02:35 AM)jheringa09 Wrote: [ -> ]great pull jeff!
THANKS John and everyone!! when i call them, i am gonna pull the ol' ( my first boxes ever and i pull 3 redemptions,..thanks Panini!!.i will never buy your product again,...UNLESS.....)
it's mean,... but it worked last time!
i HATE freekin redemptions
; )
I have a reallll good feeling they are gonna take care of you. You can't use the bedroom voice though, you gotta get a lil ugly !!! Good luck
Nice pull buddy!
u trading the david ball, if u r check me
(08-13-2011, 06:56 PM)jacobzcardz Wrote: [ -> ]u trading the david ball, if u r check me
PM me your address and i will send it to ya
: )
sick ap !!!!!
Sick AP!! I have never pulled a Brady Auto. If I would have pulled that expired brady redemption I would have been so disappointed.... Be the bomb if they hook you up. Let us know!
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