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Full Version: What's your most valuable pulls?
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I've opened about 75 boxes in my lifetime and these are my most valuable pulls:




Make sure to post yours!

Recently, this
[Image: playoffnationaltreasurespenpals.jpg]
[Image: manning.jpg]
Awesome? How many boxes do you think you've opened in ur lifetime?
From a 5-pack day at the LCS:

[Image: favre09ggf.jpg]

Cool! Go Packers!!!! Even though he's not in his packers uni! Tongue
I pulled this one
[Image: 2010TripleThreadsinserts-1.png]

and traded it for the card in my signature.
Here's mine just got back in the hobby in January so I've busted maybe 15 or 20 boxes since then

[Image: 247of299001.jpg]
these 2 Smile
[Image: DSCN2079.jpg][Image: DSCN2077.jpg]
the sanders is 2/5
I never pull crap!!! lol most expensive pull I have had is a whooping 60 bucks!!! So I gave up on boxes and just buy the card from the deck that I want. LOL
dont know the value on this but i would say its my most expensive one lol

[Image: 8005ab54.jpg]
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