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Full Version: Top 5 backboard breaking dunks
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The riots in London got me thinking about how this small minority of kids have nothing better to do than cause mayhem. Thankfully, as a teacher, I know that the majority of young people would never dream of acting in such a way.

However, if they're going to smash glass and break things, at least do it in style like these guys...


What's your favourite backboard breaking dunk of all-time? I'm sure I missed out some legendary dunks, but these are my top 5.
i think i would have to put shaq at the top, bringing down the whole goal, thats awesome. and i remember watching the jordan clip on youtube, but was unsure if it was real or not?
On eBay?! Wink

I'm pretty sure it's real. No real evidence that it's faked.

And you're right, that Shaq dunk is insane Smile
lol man ebay is taking over everything!
hahaha, just noticed, ill fix it, lmao.
Wow this is a cool idea. I never knew MJ broke a backboard.
I remember that Shaq dunk vividly, it's as if it happened yesterday for me.

Thanks for the link, those dunks bring back many memories.
Shaq did it more than once, and his were definitely the most destructive. I am surprised he wasn't #1 on the list.
(08-10-2011, 09:49 PM)nickm1123 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow this is a cool idea. I never knew MJ broke a backboard.
He never needed to do things like that for attention.