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Full Version: 90's Inserts and more! Part 2
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[Image: IMG_0019-1.jpg] [Image: IMG_0018-1.jpg] [Image: IMG_0017-1.jpg] [Image: IMG_0016-1.jpg] [Image: IMG_0015-1.jpg] [Image: IMG_0014-1.jpg] [Image: IMG_0004-4.jpg] [Image: IMG-9.jpg] [Image: IMG_0001-9.jpg] [Image: IMG_0002-8.jpg] [Image: IMG_0003-6.jpg] [Image: IMG_0006-4.jpg] [Image: IMG_0009-4.jpg] [Image: IMG_0010-2.jpg] [Image: IMG_0011-3.jpg][Image: IMG_0012-1.jpg] [Image: IMG_0013-3.jpg]
Tons more in my ORG.
Did you happen to run across any finish line commerotive sheets for each track.
I checked and did not see any. but today at around 3 the guy is SUPPOSE to take me over to his mini storage to see what is left there and his brother is a dealer on the bay which has the other half of the storage unit and is going to let me go through his personal collection along with his garage full of his half to see if I want first dibs on it. They claim he has over a million cards tucked away but how much of that are common players they can't say. I guess he is getting out of the card business. I will be looking for the sheets for ya!
Wow! I love all those die-cut inserts. I'd love to get a bunch of those Mark Martin cards if I have anything else you want. LMK.