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Full Version: 90's inserts and more! Part 1
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Here are some of what i got in that last lot. 1993 Finish line Promo cards Uncut sheets [Image: P1850495.jpg][Image: P1850496.jpg]1996 Finish Line Rise to the top Jeff gordon/Ernie Irvan uncut sheets [Image: P1850488.jpg] [Image: P1850498.jpg] 1991 & 1992 Hobby Boxes [Image: P1850501.jpg] [Image: P1850507.jpg] Lots of Nascar Phone Cards [Image: P1850505.jpg]
Are u gonna bust open those hobby boxes?
I forgot all about this thread. Tongue PLZ PM me a price for 1 of the '91 PS boxes and a price for 1 of the '92 PS boxes. I will LYK if and/or when I can afford to purchase them. You can also add a combined price for 1 of each if you wish.
Also, I might be willing to trade one of my Fanfare hits for them. LMK!