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Full Version: Basketball 2 to 1 for Football or MMA
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I'm looking to trade my basketball for football or MMA. I don't have any AU or GU, just base and inserts. I'll trade 2 to 1 or better for football or MMA.

I'm sure there are others out there that just want to dump their football the same way I want to dump my basketball.

I'm actually trying to trade all of my sports for football or MMA so check my whole ORG if you like other sports.

Send me an offer and lets make a deal!
2 to 1 for your football, keep the offers coming!
Still doing 2 to 1 or better for your football cards!
To the top.
Still trading!
What u looking for to get that 2010-11 Prestige #213 Derrick Favors RC?
Some type of football. I like to trade at least around $20 worth of cards though.
You looking for commons, inserts? Any particular player or team?
I'll take whatever from Oilers/Titans if I don't have them.
Alright, uploaded some scans for you. I may have some more to add, but have to look through some other boxes. Take a look and lmk if your interested. I'm open to 3 or 4 for 1 if its a fair trade.

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