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Full Version: TITO Vs EVANS 2
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Does anyone besides myself think that TITO will win this sat?
Tito wins one fight in 5 years doesn't prove he is ready to beat the top fighters. His striking is lacking so much for someone whos been in the game for so long. He knows subs but doesn't know how to set them up like a pure jujitsu guy. With all his injuries, his grappling strength has deteriorated (which was his best/only advantage against smaller LHW's).

The whole PPV is lack luster for me.

He has also fought nothing but quality opponents in the past years, all who have been future or former champions, except hamill of course.
Still doesn't negate the fact he loss those fights. At his level, tito will not get any easy fights. And as much as hes gets paid, nor should he.

Win or lose, hope it's a good fight. Also no excuses afterwards by both fighters.

I'm leaning towards evans for a decision win.
Now that the fight is over, what are your thoughts. Going into the fight I felt that Tito had no chance. I also felt that way when he beat Bader, obviously I was wrong then.

I thought Tito gave it his all. I found myself kind of pulling for him. I think he still has some fights left in him, but I don't believe he will ever beat the elite fighters again. If he continues to fight I think he will just be a stepping stone for up-and-comers and a reality check for pretenders
Tito has not evolved enough to beat the top fighters. The top fighters do not fear his striking. I know he dropped bader, but that wasn't exactly a great display of technique that allowed him to connect on that punch. It was more of bader running into that uppercut, than tito using the "sweet science" to land that punch.

Lets be honest, tito does not handle being punched effectively. Meaning like lesnar, when he gets punched, he loses focus and goes into survival mode.

Like you said, tito would probably be a gatekeeper or stepping stone for young guns. If not just retire.