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Full Version: QUESTION????
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I need some members advice. I made a trade, well over a month ago. They sent first, so I have the card and I am ready to send them my part of the trade. The problem is, I don't have the address to send it to and it appears the person has not been on Beckett in 1 month.

I sent a message asking for the address over 3 weeks ago but no reply. What should I do? Wait a little bit longer and if I still don't hear from them just add the cards back to the trade list? Any ideas on this would be great.
I think that you should try and get the card to them without fail. If that means waiting until they respond, then that's what it is. Maybe ask around with the person's username to see if you can find someone that traded with them. I am surprised that the address was not on the invoice for your trade. Maybe check that one out too?

I had the same problem about 1 1/2 years ago. I made a trade will a member in which I asked the to ship first and no cards and many PM's over a 6 month coarse. I finally did re list all the cards as the member reappeared on the site 3 different times with 3 different login's and has been banned since. At least I never lost my card on this transaction. The best part about this trade is that it is still in my query. It kills be to see that every time I look at the trade window. I personally would keep trying to find out the mailing address and wait for the card to show up for a bit longer. If noting happens, maybe ask a mod if this person has been suspended or placed on the band list. Just my thoughts.
The trade was not done through all of the proper channels. I agree with waiting to give them what they deserve. I just find it odd that after a month, no reply nor have they visited the site.
I agree with waiting,

if you want me to look to see if i have his address or if he is on another site I can try to help you

good luck and i hope he gets the card