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Full Version: 2010 Sweet Spot and 2010 Plates & Patches
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Not sure what is FT.

1st the Sweet Spot....

[Image: scan0013.jpg]

[Image: scan0015.jpg]

[Image: scan0008.jpg]

[Image: scan0012.jpg]

[Image: scan0009.jpg]

[Image: scan0005-1.jpg]

A little disappointed with the 2 Wallaces (on the plus side he is a Steeler Smile ) and the completely white swatches Sad

Now onto the Plates & Patches.....

[Image: scan0006.jpg]

[Image: scan0011.jpg]

[Image: scan0003-2.jpg]

[Image: scan0004-1.jpg]

[Image: scan0007-1.jpg]

Liked this box a little better. Palmer is a nice patch and you can't beat a patch/auto, LOL.

Comments welcome Smile
what do you want for the williams or carson??? maybe o still have something
Not fabulous on the Sweet Spot (but all my cards were single color jerseys too.) Sad

But that Carson patch is something!! Gotta get that for NineOf somehow... (the planning begins!)
cmb for the mike williams auto if its ft please
Not too shabby. The Palmer is sickening, even if he never plays football again Sad
want the Williams and Morton autos
Awesome. City Limits is one of my favorite insert sets. I'll stick witht he cheaper ones though!
id like a shot at Mike Williams CMB
Hey guys thanks for all the interest. Still not sure what I'm doin yet, but the Palmer does have a home if I decide to trade. Thanks Smile
did pretty good, the Palmer is a sweet card Smile
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