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Full Version: 2X 2008 Certified + 2X 2010 Press Pass KE
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Not the greatest by a long shot,missing is a damaged John David Booty FotG single color NFL die cut.
[Image: scan0001-1.jpg]

I know where a few are going but still not great overall.

The Press Pass KE are a great value but there are some QC issues because several had some dinged corners.Not gonna complain when i got 8 autos including 2 Red Inks for around $50.

[Image: scan0002-1.jpg]
Mike Williams,Jacoby Ford Red Ink #ed/47,Ryan Matthews,
Montario Hardesty,Jermain Gresham,Jerry Hughes Red Ink #ed/9,
Joe McKnight,and Brandon LaFell

I'm glad they didn't do Legends last year and put these boxes out,even with Quality Control issues i'll probably get more of these boxes when i order other products.

Will get these in organize and if anyone is interested LMK,most are FT/FS.
I like the Press Pass KE alot