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Full Version: Albert Pujols Logo Patch Auto /5 FOR BLAKE GRIFFIN
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hey guys, i have this nice pujols logo patch auto im looking to trade for a HIGHER END Blake Griffin Auto..... Mostly looking for graded RC autos (contenders specifically) not very interested in limited, prestige, R&S, or RPMs but willing to see whats out there.

2004 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads Logo Patch Auto 4/5
[Image: img196.jpg]
you can bump your old threads, you dont have to make new ones. would you be interested in a blake griffin contenders on card rc auto? im not to sure about the deal because i know nothing about baseball, but i know pujols stuff sells high. why are you not just selling it and buying a nice grffin. probably the same reason i dont sell my griffin and buy a nice jordan.
pm sent