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Full Version: Taking a Break from the Boards
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My last trade was shipped today and now I have to leave the boards for the rest of the summer. Have to finish my book manuscript so this will take up most of my time. Also have a three hour music gig to prepare for in early August so I need to spend time expanding my song list and working with my very talented bass player. Will be checking the price guide periodically as I work on my 2010-11 rookie collection (albeit at a more leisurely pace). Should be back for the 2011-12 NHL season. See you then! Over and out. Spud
Hey Spud, you'll be missed during your absence. I for one enjoy seeing all of your post of your rookies. good luck with all the music and looking forward to when you return.

Enjoy the rest of your summer Spud and look forward to seeing some posts when you have time or at the beginning of the season.

See you later! I'll ship your stuff out tomorrow. Good luck with your gig and book!
best of luck to you, see you when you return!
Enjoy your time off.
enjoy the rest of the summer Spud

looking forward to some of your great posts by you in the fall
See you when the new season arrives Spud, take care!
Enjoy your summer! I will try and find some 10-11 RCs for you for when you return!
Enjoy the time away Spud and good luck with your gig! Its the first time in my life (since I was 18) that I havent spent time summer touring due to a hand injury and throat issues. Checked out the YT stuff and can see we have some similar taste! Our blues band is on haitus and my guitar player is in Canada touring right now...Last I heard he was near your neck of the woods. Insert jealous face here! Enjoy!
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