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Full Version: 2 shocking retail Topps Football 2011 packs
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Just opened my first 2011 Topps football and recieved 2 retail packs from my mother in law. Thats right. I have an awesome mother in law. The first pack got me a Christian Ponder rookie and a Terry Bradshaw super bowl legends insert. The second was the shock. I have never pulled really anything out of retail packs before. I could see in the middle when i slowly was going thru the cards (a habit to build up excitement for the whole pack, i have always done it) a card numbered 44/45 i was thinking cool a insert with low numbering...but when i got to it and found a Phil Simms Super bowl legends super bowl 21 jersey! the odds of getting one of these cards is 1 in 8600!

Thanks mom!
Hey, hey! There ya go! Topps seems to put a few little somethings in it's retail.. Last years Magic was loaded seemingly.. Congrats on the hit! Would love to see a scan sometime!
I need a scan Sad
Sorry Deuce. Been thinking about finding time for Photobucket.
Nice pickup!
Nice Pull Man ... I know the feeling!
Its about time ripping retail paid off ...
Thats awsome dude
I had some retail luck back a few years ago
It was about 9 or 10 years ago...I was about 11 and our kmart was going out of business bc of the new walmart haha. My Aunt went up there and seen the cards on sale and bought me like 2 or 3 of the boxes with the random assortment of packs and got them practically for free. I was on my last box and 3rd from last pack (yes I remember it vividly,it is to this day my favorite pull). BOOM Joe Nameth on card auto hand numberd 99/100 Fleer Autographics.
Will you check me for the Bradshaw?
Congrats on a great pc pull Smile
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