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Full Version: Hof'ers GU FT + Other GU/Certs
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Not sure what value or types of cards you're looking for, but the Mantle definitely caught my eye along with the BJ Upton and Yadier Molina. Check out my org and let me know if there's anything that interests you.
I could use the Feller, Gehrig, Murray, and Perry.
Could you check me for you Bonds, Bagwell, Adrian Gonzalez, or Crawford Gu's

Mantle and gerhig if you still gott em... Josh Beckett GU....and steve stone auto????
I will check you all and send a PM. I'll also send a trade if I find something. Thank you all for your time, I appreciate it.

The Justice SP, Brady Quinn AU and Gale Sayers manufactured patch are gone. I'm just working out the details.

Thanks again...Rick

EDIT: In a previous post where I had only the Gehrig and Mantle cards listed, I'd like a HOF'er game-used around the same BV or a Jeter, Pujols or Mo auto with similar BV...
check me for the kemp and mo vaughn gu and the robinson b patch
marcp_06, I sent a PM regarding a trade...

Bever1992, trade sent...

jonnix126, I don't see any items for trade in your organizer...

rascrush, PM sent...Rick
A few trades done, anyone else?


did you ever check me?
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