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Full Version: 2011 Rookies & Stars Box-SCANS!
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So I busted this box. Overall pretty nice. I'm gonna redeem the Amukablablabla and keep it. The Marcall Darius is gonna be for sale send me an offer price. The other two cards (sidney rice is a 1 color patch /99) are F/T and I'm only accepting Jamaal Charles. Overall, Pretty good box. Since I was the only one at my LCS that didn't win a door prize so I'm gonna bust a box of 2011 topps football to make me feel better Smile.


Upgrade to teh Jumbo! Its worth it so far that I've seen
Yeah if I like the regular I'm gonna get a jumbo Smile.
LMK on Jacquizz on those too LOL and I'm sure you'll hit big on Jumbo..I feel it Tongue
Haha yeah hoping to hit a Jamaal Charles jumbo game day relics so I don't have to buy it LOL!
Trade me the Amukablabla for a jamaal
I love the Brince blablabla
Haha yeah
Sidney rice is for sale too.
Dareus is up on the bay still looking for sidney rice offers.
did you pull any LeGarrette Blount base or parallels?
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