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Full Version: 2 jumbo packs of 2011 Topps Football - and I am done.
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I think may have used up any and all luck I had with this stuff.

Had to grab a few items at the LCS for eBay sales and noticed they had a fresh box of 2011 Topps HTA Jumbo football on the shelf. At $11 a pack, decided that I would try my luck at 2 packs just to see what the stuff was like.

[Image: 2011-topps-jake-locker-patch.jpg]

Noticed these were something obscene like 1:2000 packs.
[Image: 2011-topps-leonard-hankerson-patch-auto.jpg]
Wow sweet!
wicked nice.
wow first good stuff ive seen out of topps 2011. Good job.
I'm liking the curtain effect in the background....looks good
Congrats on the pull!
Nice pulls!!! If the Hankerson is for trade please check my org for it. Thanks
Very nice
dang i love that hankerson! nice hit
The Hankerson is awesome!
this stuff looks pretty cool. I waited for the UPS man for 45 minutes today, he never showed up, so I didn't get to do any today. Sad

Congrats on the cool pull.
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