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Full Version: NBA TOP 50 PLAYERS
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Hello card collectors,
I am trying to put together a set of autograph cards of the NBA's Top 50 players. Please check my Photobucket page for other cards that I have for trade/sale.
Good luck do you have any of the biggies?
I've got a Parish, Pettit and a few others that I recently sold on eBay but I'm still waiting for the seller to pay up. If he doesn't pay soon, then they are for trade:
So far I have 25 autos of;
Archibald, Baylor, Bird, Cowens, Drexler, Erving, Frazier, Gervin, Havlicek, Hayes, Jones, Kareem, Lucas, Olajuwon, Magic, MJ, Parish, Reed, Robertson, Schayes, Sharman, Stockton, Thurmond, Unseld and Wilkens.
These can be viewed via my Photobucket link at the top of this thread.
Thank you will23c1982, I would be interested in the Pettit auto. Let me know when it is available.
Have a look at My Organize to see what cards I have for sale or trade.
Thanks, SWG
[Image: scan0007-3.jpg]