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Full Version: Help pricing griffin rook #'ed to 10
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Hey guys, need some help. Don't usually collect basketball but was at Wally World yesterday looking through their old discounted blasters and picked up a 09-10 Panini Prestige for 12 bucks hoping to get my first blake griffin rookie (like I said no basketball in several years). Well my want was satisfied when I pulled a Griffin Bonus Shots Black RC numbered 10/10! I know it's not crazy but any idea how much this card would be worth?? (not in Beckett because of scarcity) Thanks so much for any and all input. First attempt but hoping to attach photo...
Here is pic of back. I am such a noob.
If you want you can upload the image to a site like photobucket, or tinypic and get the {IMG} tags that they give you to link it to your post.

As to value I would say around $100. I have seen 2010-11 Bonus Shots Demarcus Cousins go in the $20-$30 range, and Greg Monroe from $10-$15, so I would say that Griffin would be far more than those prices.
Sounds around ballpark figure I was thinking. Thanks a lot for input and advice about uploads... I needed it!