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Full Version: RECOMMENDATIONS for boxes
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Going to Vegas in a couple of weeks and looking to buy 2 boxes to break out by the pool. Other than collecting Manning rookies, I have little to no knowledge and familiarity with which recent (2010-2011) boxes are popular or favorites...

Any advice or recommendations is greatly appreciated... Would like to keep the budget under $325 for 2 boxes. Thanks!

very respectfully,
Courey M.
I dont recommend any 2011. If anything, you should get some 2011 score. At around $30 a box, its inexpensive and a fun break.
I would also steer clear of 2011 for now. In 2010, I enjoyed Panini Plates & Patches, Panini Certified & UD SP Authentic (college uniforms but nice hits to be found)
Yeah I like busting lots of packs usually but I like the look of plates & patches. For when I get eager to do some pack busting I would get 2010 gridiron gear or 2010 sp authentic.
Try some 2010 Classics.
LOL I had the worst luck with Panini products in 2010 but pretty good luck with Topps Chrome, Platinum and Magic, which were also fun to open because of the various refractors, inserts, minis, etc. I would agree with everyone else about staying away from 2011, but if it were me I would get 1 box of a 2010 Panini Product (like Gridiron Gear), 1 box of a 2010 Topps product, and 1 box of an UD product (SP Authentic.) Good luck with whatever you choose!
All, thanks for the information! I appreciate the insight and advice. Please feel free to add more recommendations if you like, taking any input into consideration.

very respectfully,
Courey M.
2010 Topps Chrome is a cheap and fun one. That would leave enough cash in the budget for a box of 2010 Contenders. Although Contenders is kind of weak if you ask me. I'd just get like 6 boxes of chrome!
Topps Chrome, topps magic, sp authentic, classics, threads, platinum. All from 2010 or prior. they can all be had still, at a pretty reasonable price, from etc. for 345, you could get more than two, and have that much more of a fun break.
I like the idea of picking one from each company for 2010. Approximate prices listed on right:

Topps--2010 Topps Magic--unique, "old school" feel, fun inserts, at least 3 autos/box--$85
Panini--2010 Crown Royale--beautiful card design, usually 2 autos/box plus a couple jerseys--$70
Upper Deck--2010 SP Authentic--lots of packs, great hits, simple,elegant design--$100
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