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Full Version: 2010-11 Elite Black Box Preview
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Just thought I'd pass on the word. I express in my post that is awaiting moderation that people aren't very happy with some of the AU being cut off on the Gold Standard cards and they won't like it on these either. However, I would like to see some of the booklet cards. Smile Leave your thoughts and opinions please. Thanks.
this is going to be expensive, looks great though
(07-26-2011, 08:41 AM)folkertino Wrote: [ -> ]this is going to be expensive, looks great though
It will be expensive! I'll try to pick up a Olajuwon auto and be happy!
That would be a nice booklet if it were Kobe on the front KD on the back.... Nice assumption X..
i hope panini doesnt start neglecting their mid level stuff, seems like there coming out with alot more high end stuff. and please stop with these tiny windows, i would rather have a full auto sticker card vs a, well, sticker card in a box thats to small. i mean look at the griffin auto, it looks like a bunch of lines to me.