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Full Version: FINAL PRICE DROP. 6.50 paypal gets these.... MJ INSERTS
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Make me an offer on these. Shipping will roughly be 3 bucks or so. Im not trying to make a good deal on these, just enough to make it worth it for me to drive to the post office. Let me know if you want this lot. Shoot me a PM because im mainly on the baseball boards.

[Image: scan0001.jpg]

[Image: scan0002.jpg]
Anyone on these ?
Anyone want this lot for 15ish paypal gift DLVD ????
Price Drop i want these gone
Is there anyone at some price that wants these ?
throw these up on ebay, im sure someone on there would pay a few bucks for these, some of those lots sell everyday, i wish i could help you out, but i have most of these, only ones i dont have are the jordans journal and the unlicensed card.