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Full Version: New additions
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As I mentioned in my last post I am back collecting favorite sport. I decided that I will be more about quality than quantity. I will be concentrating on hof players, some rookies and mainly my favorite team and player Jordan and the Bulls. Anyhow here is a few new additions. Looks like a great way to start.


New Jordan hard signed auto

[Image: JordanUltimateauto.jpg]

Magic auto

[Image: Magicultauto.jpg]

Bird & Nash autos

[Image: BirdandNashultsignature.jpg]

Small lot of Bird and Magic rookie panels. They are separated but still really cool.

[Image: Birdandmagicrc81topps-1.jpg]

Lebron rc

[Image: lebronbowmanrc.jpg]

2 Slam magazines I needed

[Image: slam51vc.jpg]

[Image: slam41vcfirstcover.jpg]

sweet additions love the bird auto and the vintage
Damn man, you start off like that like! I'm love them all thank you for sharing. That start puts my entire PC to

Did you get the Ultimates together? Good start
nice cards, lovin that there on card.
Thanks for the comments guys. I picked up all the ultimates in the same deal. First I considered grabbing a pile of rookies but I figured since I had the PP available it would be a great time to grab a Jordan.