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Full Version: For Sale Thread
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Not trading right now, please PM offers on these...

[Image: bball0001.jpg]

[Image: bball0002.jpg]

[Image: bball0003.jpg]

Question, is that Hill the actual game dated, or just the base?
How can you tell the difference? Also have the Sprewell.
Those look like the base...the actual ones are very shiny
Does anybody have a picture of the actual ones?
PM sent!
(07-24-2011, 08:27 AM)ELevin99 Wrote: [ -> ]Does anybody have a picture of the actual ones?
Here's what the Game Dated insert looks like:

[Image: gdi.jpg]
Hmmm...Are they both listed in the price guide?
Elevin did you get the offer and pm I sent?
Yes I sent you an offer back with the robinson in it.
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