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Full Version: LCS (!!!!) pick ups - scans
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Yes, yes, I finally have a LCS: The guy at the local trading place has rented a small shop space and will be selling products in about a month and a half's time once he's a licensed Panini dealer. In the meanwhile he sits there with his own pulls and collection so I thought I'd check it out.

Got 16 ACB (Spanish League) and 16 NBA cards, which is pure coincidence. I already had most of the Ricky Rubio cards but some are to replace the ones that I had in worse condition. I'll probably put them up for trade as I will with the rest of the cards. The Kobe's and MJ's are NFT, unless you have a really nice Rodman.

I think I did a pretty good deal, looking at the BV retrospectively. I gave him an unlisted Yao Ming Treasury Relic (from retail box), Bowman Sterling Jorge Garbajosa MEM card and an additional 20 euros (US$ 28 approx.) Here's what I got in return:

2008-09 Panini ACB #46 Serge Ibaka
2008-09 Panini ACB Tiempo de Mágia #330 Serge Ibaka
2008-09 Panini ACB Momento Mágico #26 Rudy Fernandez
2008-09 Panini ACB Leyendas #360 Rudy Fernandez
[Image: escanear0172copia.jpg]

2009-10 Panini ACB Jugón #268 Ricky Rubio
2008-09 Panini ACB #112 Ricky Rubio
2008-09 Panini ACB #Jugón #124 Ricky Rubio
2008-09 Panini ACB #Tiempo de Mágia #323 Ricky Rubio
2009-10 Panini ACB Sabías que... #352 Pau Gasol
2008-09 Panini ACB Leyendas #357 Pau Gasol
2008-09 Panini ACB #110 DKV Joventut (shows Ricky Rubio on front row and my fellow countryman Henk Norel in the back)
[Image: escanear0171copia.jpg]

2009-10 Panini ACB #146 DKV Joventut (shows Henk Norel)
2009-10 Panini ACB Sabias que... #360 Ricky Rubio
2010-11 Panini ACB #164 DKV Joventut (shows Henk Norel)
2009-10 Panini ACB Tiempo de Mágia #348 Juan Carlos Navarro
2009-10 Panini ACB Iconos #330 F.C. Barcelona (shows Ricky RUbio in the back)
[Image: escanear0170copia.jpg]

2003-04 Upper Deck Finite Elements Warmups #FE22 Jamaal Tinsley#{Reggie Miller
2009-10 Adrenalyn XL Extra Signature #22 Paul Pierce
2009-10 Adrenalyn XL Extra #11 Kevin Garnett
2009-10 Adrenalyn XL #35 DeJuan Blair RC
2009-10 Adrenalyn XL #95 Jonny Flynn RC
2009-10 Adrenalyn XL #118 Tyler Hansbrough RC
[Image: escanear0173copia.jpg]

2003-04 Bowman Signature Edition #38 Kobe Bryant
2003-04 Bowman Signature Edition #39 Pau Gasol
2003-04 Bowman Signature Edition Foil #45 Rasheed Wallace (038/125)
2003-04 Upper Deck MVP #190 Michael Jordan
2003-04 Upper Deck Finite #140 Julius Erving (1092/1999)
2003-04 Upper Deck Finite #170 George Gervin (1126/1999)
[Image: escanear0174copia.jpg]

2003-04 SP Authentic #91 Kobe Bryant SPEC (0552/3999)
2003-04 SP Authentic #127 Dirk Nowitzki SPEC (0956/3999)
2003-04 SP Authentic #131 Michael Jordan SPEC (0584/3999)
2005-06 SPx #39 Kobe Bryant
[Image: escanear0175copia.jpg]
Congratulations on the LCS.
(07-23-2011, 08:41 PM)xstreaminsanity Wrote: [ -> ]Congratulations on the LCS.
+1. Sounds promising. My closest shop is only good for holders and sleeves and such. Only bball he carries are a handful of singles and absolute memorabilia. That's it.
The closest shop I've found is actually a sports memorabilia store, and they didn't even have 1 basketball card. Made me sad. They did have boxes and sleeves and pages, so whoopdidoo. Smile
75 views and only 3 responses...? not sure what conclusion to draw from that :S
Sweet additions congrats on the lcs