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Full Version: Panini Gold Standard actual gold amount?
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Because you can get more than just gold cards, the cards are worth more than $300, people like to open packs, the packs are only 175-200.
the interesting twist to this product is found in how to sell your pulls on on eBay. Most notably the 1/1s that are made of gold. Unless you're a dreamer or some other sort of fool, you now better put a minimum bid price (being the gold price) on your card, otherwise you might end up selling the card under its material value - let alone its overall value.
It's real gold, just pulled a Charles woodson auto gold piece!!!! I have a gold tester, it's real!!
The current value of 11 grams of 14kt gold is $264.15. That is based on the current gold price of $1280 per troy ounce(remember gold is based on a troy ounce which is 31 grams, not 28). You would NEVER find a buyer that would pay $264 for that amount of gold. You would be pretty happy getting $220 out of $264. This price will fluctuate so what it is worth today is not reflective of what it will be worth tomorrow and so on and so forth. Other than cards, I collect time pieces(watches). People often want melt value plus what is called "brand value". For instance, a piece that weighs 2 troy ounces would be valued at approximately $2560. If it was a no-name watch that happened to keep accurate time, you would be happy if someone gave you $2200 for that amount of gold. WHereas that same weight in a Breitling or a Rolex would sell for $5000+.
The market should probably dictate the same with these cards. If you hit the Kobe, LBJ, Kyrie or a major star you would get a massive premium for these guys. If you happen to get some scrub than the card will probably sell for scrap.
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