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Full Version: Should i break this? 93-94 topps series 2 box
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So i have an unopened sealed box of topps series 2 from 93-94 that i picked up around that time and haven't opened it yet. I believe its a retail box but i'll have to check to make sure. Anyways, do you think its worth it to open and find out what lies ahead? Or keep it sealed?

I should also mention that i'm trying to get rid of most if not all of my basketball cards as i haven't collected these since 1996 (which i've been adding my org) I'm strictly into baseball now.

Thoughts, comments?

- Rob
Not a whole lot of big $$ cards in that particular box. Those types of boxes can usually be picked up on the cheap at flea markets and card shows, rarely for more than $10-$12. May not be worth busting if you aren't into basketball anymore.

However, I personally love busting old boxes and would trade you some baseball cards I'm trying to get rid of for the box! Or at least for your basketball if you aren't interested in that kind of deal. Take a look at my meager collection if you'd like!
OK thanks.

Sure i can check it out when i get home tonight. I have a ton more basketball cards to add as my collection it from 89-90 to about 95-96.