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Full Version: 2 new more to go though
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received these today. Still need the coulter, johnson, and piquest from the new stealth autographs.

[Image: st721.jpg]
Cool inscription on the Wood AU! I've never heard of Goess. Any info.?
Nice cards! Goess who?? lol. New to me.
He is a part time truck driver for eddie sharp has only run 11 races in two years but finishes better than he starts so he may make it in the future
Okay. I had a feeling he was in the CTS (oops, Smile my bad--the CWTS). I don't keep up w/ the truck series much. I am always at work when their races are on. I mostly just know the longtime drivers in the series and the newest/hottest drivers in the series.
Thanks for the info, Michael. Maybe he will get more seat time in the future, finishing better than you start is always good!
Congrats on the two new cards Michael.