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Full Version: Am I missing something??? 1987-88 Fleer
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Hey, so i started on 3 sets this week, 86-87, 87-88 and 91-92, so i was just looking around and noticed that a wax box of fleer 87-88 sells for around 1500 bucks???

im pretty sure the whole set including all the stickers are valued around 500, so why the hell are the boxes 3X the price of the entire set? granted back then they were all 36 pack boxes but it just doesnt seem to make sense to me, i gotta be missing something here...HELP

i mean for god's sake the most valuable rookie card it detlef schrempf!
probably because if you pull the jordan and get it graded a gem mint card goes for super amount of money!
Possibly the rarity of a complete unopened box itself holds that value, not necessarily the contents individually.
(07-20-2011, 05:52 AM)jerodc10 Wrote: [ -> ]Possibly the rarity of a complete unopened box itself holds that value, not necessarily the contents individually.
Those cads were produced in half or less of the quantity that the 86-87 set was. The difference in the single prices vary only because there is more demand for the 86-87 RC class. Finding an unopened box of that year is pretty tough as well. jerodc10 said it best probably.

I just sold that completed set with the stickers for about $180, don't expect to get that High BV for the set when or if you move it. It only took me about $130 to complete it and that was spending $80 on the graded jordan and the graded MJ sticker. That set has always been undervalued. Good Luck!
ahhh u guys are so smart =) lol thanks for the help!
I think you get close to 3 sets per that's about right...
You get about 3 sets per box and some of the players you will get 4 of them. Also, if you are into hardcaore grading those are the toughest cards to get graded. They have print defects that keep them from getting high grades. Jordan is actually one of the easiest grades in the set. A PSA 10 Jordan brings about a fourth of what Larry Bird brings. If you were fortunate to pull a single PSA 10 out of the box you would be doing great.
Back in the day, I remember getting 3+ sets per box, and it has always been a fun set to build.

Happy collecting!

Bill S.