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Full Version: Starting to collect BBall again
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I once collected a lot of basketball but after Jordan left I stopped. I collected comics and hockey cards instead (I am in Canada). However I started liquidating most of that stuff and decided to start back at basketball. Now I have to decide who or what to collect. Should I go back to collecting my beloved Bulls? Should I collect older dynasty Bulls, new current guys, a mix of both or leave the Bulls and concentrate on a team like the Raptors who I get to see all the time and grew to like because of VC.

I like to focus on certain goals. I hate just collecting a pile of everything but I might just do that. I might dabble in current Bulls but start collecting some older rookies and inserts of the guys I loved watching in the 80's & 90's.

What do you focus on? Anyone here collect vintage players? Anyone collect older rookies and inserts? Anyone collect the Raptors?
the newer bulls are worth good money to collect especially d rose hes great, i would collect toronto and the bulls seems like its your two favorite teams and toronto has some young talent. its a lot of fun now with auto cards and jersey cards and some cool inserts. best of luck and if u figure out what u wanna collect shoot me a message ill see what i have to help start u off
I think you answered your own question and got even greater guidance from marines Smile Collect both, your bulls past to present. Then since your in canada... oh yeah, get those derozans
It's all really up to you. If your concern is that in time you may liquidate this collection as well, then going for either past or present Bulls is the best option. However, if you're collecting to collect, then you can't go wrong with whatever you choose.
I say you collect what you collected before and maybe start smaller PCs with newer players.
whatever you do, dont collect michael jordan!!!! lol, i dont need anyone else to interfere with my quest hahahaha. welcome back to a fun hobby, lmk if you have any of players in my sig for trade, if so, check out my org and send me a trade.