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Full Version: Michael Jordan Star Quest
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I found this card lying around in a bag of my old cards and decided to put it on ebay for $2. Just before the card sold I decided to look up how much it was worth and it books at XXX!! It sold for $31.

Here it is

[Image: KGrHqIOKigE3y6TSVRwBOHmqShLp_12.jpg]

I don't think It would have graded very well though.

Mod Edit (XstreamINsanity): Please do not post book values on the board. Thank you very much.

you never know with those 90s set!
don't put book values in your posts.

very nice card. A shame (as a seller) how cards go for so much under BV, it's ridiculous. Then again, shouldn't BV be adjusted to those prices then?
They are hard but not impossible to find. The problem with those are the material they are made of. They ding and dent really easy...looks like yours have a ding right under the symbol on the bottom left side of the card. If that wasn't there you may have got BV.