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Full Version: 20 more teams too go
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man just got done with me 10th team that was the piston's just thought i share ya can look and see but no trading yet it will be awhile mybe like the end of the year casue i just got maybe 1000' more in the mail my god its going to be along year !!!!!!!Sad
Well, when you are ready, just let me know. You have 75 cards I need total BV around $100. Thanks.
i guess one more trade wont not hurt !!!!!!!!
Well, take a look at my stuff and see if there's anything you can use. Mind you, the only card I currently believe to be unavailable as it's going to another member is the 2008-09 Upper Deck Team MVPs #MVP5 LeBron James. Everything else I think is in play. Thank you very much.
Open Offer sent with comment. Thanks.