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Full Version: 1986-87 Fleer "The Set"
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So, I was just sitting around today... got me thinking, as of now i'm really only working on a couple of things; Ewing, Oakley, Starks PCs and the 1996-97 Skybox Autographics set (not the blue ones) and i think i want to expand on my collections a bit... so I was just scamming through my stuff and couldnt take my eyes off of my Ewing 86-87 card #32 in the set...

got me thinkin, i think i want to complete this set now. moving on i don't know where to start though, should i start slow with the harder-to-get cards picking up one or 2 a week?? or should i take 50 bucks and fill 75% of the set within a week?? which buy going to beckett marketplace i could do..

soooo any suggestions?

on a side note, i got some card shop in queens over here thats about to close down, he has 2 86-87 jordans, one is 7.5 the other 7, he wants 600 even for the 7 and 650 for the 7.5. What are your thoughts on that? Also i see that on the bay a 86-87 jordan graded 7 sells for around a $1K, should i buy both as an investment? or should i quick flip them for a couple bucks?

Also I make roughly 300 a week (give me a break im only 22) but then again the money doesn't really matter now i have no problem throwing 2 weeks pay at a card because quite frankly if im willing to do it then the card gives me much more satisfaction than the money does...going back to school soon anyway
Bro trust me BGS 7 Jordan RCs do NOT go for 1,000... BGS 8.5's sell for about that. So DON'T do it. But good luck either way!
(07-18-2011, 09:39 PM)bengu Wrote: [ -> ]Bro trust me BGS 7 Jordan RCs do NOT go for 1,000... BGS 8.5's sell for about that. So DON'T do it. But good luck either way!
well roughly whats a 7 worth? 7.5?
A 7.5 sold for 520.
If money isnt a problem, do what makes you happy most! Just be wise with the Enjoy!
As a student I spent all my money (mostly on import HK kung fu flicks). Take my advice, try to save a bit at least, you'll be glad you did when you leave uni.

That said, I'd suggest you consider on a per-card basis whether you buy it or not. COnsider whether there are more available on eBay, Beckett Marketplace or COMC. If there are you'll have plenty of time to pick one up at a later stage. If you can see you get a particularly good deal on one card (in comparison to other cards available) you might want to get it straight away. Same if it's in an extraordinary good condition. If you have various interesting cards available at the same time and your budget doesn't allow you to get them all, I'd take the nice-looking ones and stars first.

Perhaps the above is a bit of an open door, but thought I'd just mention it..
I have completed that set with some nice graded included. I busted the set years back when this set took off a little. The graded cards fetched a nice price.

I would pay around $2-$3 a common when I found them in lots. You can even buy up dups in the lots, decide which is the best condition to keep and sell the duplicates to pick more up from the set.

That $50 estimate is pretty low for completing 75% of that set. There are a few people chasing that set always. I think when it came down to crunch time on finishing that set, I paid $6 for some of the less desirable cards. I think I even paid $15 for a checklist that was in decent raw condition.

I haven't chase that set in some time and my prices may seem high or low, not sure. I just think you need to realize that set can be an expensive set to put together.

Also I have the Bird in a BGS 8 and the MJ sticker a BGS 7.5 along with the rest of the sticker set. The bird is in my trade bucket and the sticker set in in the "my PC" sub-folder.

I would take a nice single or two in trade or maybe a card/cash deal on the stickers, maybe???

The Bird is definately FT, and it is one of the condition sensitive ones. PM me if your interested.