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Full Version: Folkertino's mini-PC showcase: Ricky Rubio
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Let me join the train and show off some of my stuff.

No spectacular cards in the sense of AU's or GU's (I have none), but then again these are cards that ya'll probably haven't seen before since they only came out here in Europe, except for the UD.

[Image: 200809Panini112f.jpg]
[Image: 200809Panini124f.jpg]
[Image: 200809Panini323f.jpg]
[Image: 200910Panini268f.jpg]
[Image: 200910Panini360f.jpg]
[Image: 7260752f.jpg]
[Image: 201011Panini290f.jpg]
[Image: 201011Panini331f.jpg]
[Image: 201011Panini292f.jpg]

Check for the backsides of the cards and for my other PCs!
Very nice!
nice and unique cards thanks for sharing
(07-18-2011, 10:26 AM)leadmetogreatness Wrote: [ -> ]nice and unique cards thanks for sharing
Dido! Smile Rare stuff in my eyes!!!