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Full Version: Same card, different color, but not listed?
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I recently purchased a 2004-05 Fleer Throwbacks Defining Authentic Dwyane Wade Jersey card. I already owned the card, but the one I bought was a blue, while the one I had was a copper color. Neither card is serial numbered, but they are both #'d DW and as far as I can tell they are the same card with no differing marks other than the color. Does anyone have any ideas?
different colored jerseys on the same set is fairly common
Do you mean the foil on the card is a different color? According to beckett, the base versions of the Jersey aren't numbered.... you might have a retail version, however.
Either the jersey is a different material and that is not uncommon or if its the card design/foil itself then ones retail
Sorry, I should have explained more clearly. The card, not the jersey swatch are different colors.
When you get a chance, can you post scans? Thanks.