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Full Version: Need eyes on the lookout!!
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Alright, first off, I am a member that collects Phillies, Flyers, Mavericks, Hasheem Thabeet, and, of course, Dirk!

I joined here because tonight on Ebay I lost a 2009 Topps Chrome gold refractor rookie of hasheem thabeet that i was going to get graded. Well, I lost it in the final seconds. So I was searching online, and saw a guy here had one, but his account didnt exist! So, I'm still on the lookout for this card. If you see it.. let me know!
I dont have 1 but i'll keep a lookout and check with my LCS next time......But I do have a Thabeet rookie manu patch auto parallel 39/49 out of R&S if you're interested?
I really do need that one! What do you need for it?