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Full Version: My Pc List
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Well I notice most folks collect the same people every time I trade they want Jordan or Kobe etc..... I have found my habits much more eclectic and rounded as I collect mostly folks who aren't overproduced or that I get excited to watch and with the younger I choose by how well I think they will be in the future by talent not price.

Aldrich, Cole
Allen, Ray
Beasley, Michael
Bird, Larry
Budinger, Chase
Collison, Darren
Crawford, Jordan
Curry, Stephen
Dunleavy, Mike
Durant, Kevin
Evans, Tyreke
Fernandez, Rudy
Fields, Landry
Flynn, Jonny
Garnett, Kevin
Gasol, Marc
Gasol, Pau
George, Paul
Granger, Danny
Griffin, Blake
Hansbrough, Tyler
Harden, James
Hayward, Gordon
Henderson, Gerald
Henry, Xavier
Hibbert, Roy
Hill, George
Ibake, Serge
Jennings, Brandon
Landry, Carl
Love, Kevin
Mayo, OJ
McRoberts, Josh
Nash, Steve
Nowitzki, Dirk
O'Neal, Shaquille
Pierce, Paul
Pippen, Scottie
Price, AJ
Rondo, Rajon
Rose, Derrick
Roy, Brandon
Rubio, Ricky
Rush, Brandon
Smith, Josh
Stephenson, Lance
Teague, Jeff
Turner, Evan
Wade, Dwayne
Westbrook, Russel
Wall, John
Young, Nick
I have a few of those guys ft.....Im looking for jordan or kobe :-P
I should have cards of most of those guys. lmk if you have any of the guys I collect to trade. please note what it says in my signature.
I got a lance stepshon tag from timeless treasures /2