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Full Version: Who here collects memorablia?
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Just to help the boards get some action I figured I would throw up a discussion thread / show off thread. I avidly collect both cards and memorablia and wondered who else did and what there best memo pieces are? I collect Baseball basketball and football and right now my best basketball pieces are a I/O Spalding Basketball of Julius Erving where he also added Dr. J, Dave Cowens Person Breif case used to carry his jersey/outfit to each game with the celtics, and my Wilt Chamberlain scoring on Russell 8x10 signed wilt the stilt chamberlain.
I love collecting memorabilia as well as the cards. I'll see if I can think of everything I have signed
I'll start with my favorite
-2010-11 UNC Team signed ball by players and coaches
-Signed 8x10's of Roy Williams,Dean Smith, Butch Davis and many other college coaches
-Signed magazine by Harrison Barnes
-Signed Beckett by Hakeem "the dream" Olajuwon
-Signed SI by Elton Brand
-Signed Photos of Brad Miller and Baron Davis in Hornets Uni's
-Signed shirt by a lot of different Tarheels from Jerry Stackhouse's UNC Alumni Game

I have a picture of the coaches I have on the Photobucket under Auto's
Sweet stuff... At my work we have some UNC stuff if your intersted. Carter UNC Jersey, MJ Gatorade Dunk signed 8x10 + others... (Its a card/memo shop)
I'm always interested in UNC stuff lol just depends on the price. Must be sweet working for a card/memo shop.
Unfortunately living in upstate NY we get very few signings. I have not been into basketball as much as other sports because the Knicks have sucked for close to forty years. I believe this is all the stuff I have:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Mini Basketball
Rick Barry 8x10 X 3
Dave DeBusschere 8x10
Patrick Ewing 8x10
Derek Harper 8x10
Magic Johnson 16x20
Magic Johnson Basketball
Bobby Knight 16x20
Earl "The Pearl" Monroe 8x10
Oscar Robertson 16x20
1971-72 Knicks Basketball (Bradley/DeBusschere/Monroe/Frazier/Reed)

They are pictured here. Sorry all my memorabilia is pictured, I have not broken them down by sport. All were in-person signings (IP). A Jordan jersey is on my to get list.
Sweet stuff guys and the as the old saying goes find something you love and you will never work a day in your life. I love my job its a great time all around. And Ill send you a pm JD
I could not work in a card/memo shop. It would be like an alcoholic working at a bar...Rick
Well I work there I never said I walked away with a paycheck. I spend alot of money there haha. I get first dibs on everything and better deals than anyone so its like how can I say no..haha.
(07-15-2011, 11:07 PM)whodeyalltheway Wrote: [ -> ]Well I work there I never said I walked away with a paycheck.

I wanted to get some nice items of all the players I collect. I have two autographed magainzes, one of Michael Jordan and Gary Payton. The MJ is on his first Beckett cover and the Payton is on a magazine called Hoops. Both are certified by PSA/DNA. I also have 8 x 10's of Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, and Kyle Weaver. I have all of them in picture frames. If anyone is interested, I can provide pictures.
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