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Full Version: Just when the boards are getting good.
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OK, it has been a rough week for me. At the moment, I can't cruise the boards at home, and I can't view photobucket while at work. I will chime in on some topics when I can and basically can't trade until I get a new laptop because............

First, I was thrown from a very large horse this past weekend and have had a broken tailbone. (not fun)

Then, I get a call from my wife on Wednesday while I am driving home from work. She calls to ask where I had put the laptop that morning because it wasn't on the coffee table (where it was always placed).

I immediately knew we had been robbed because I had used the computer that morning before work. Our further investigation discovered that most all of my wife's jewlrey was gone and the back door had been pryed open.

The insurance is going to cover the stolen stuff after I pay my $500 deductible. But, the sentimental jewelry and the photos we didn't have backed up are what was the most valuable to us.

Now I am waiting for that third thing to happen, because I know that bad things come in clumps of THREE! I will keep you guys updated.

P.S. Maybe it was just dumb kids?? They left most of the more expensive electronics and my rifles, guns and all of my stuff in the safe I had hidden, including my top ten cards. Kind of weird, don't you think?
Ugh, man, that sucks, hang in there!
Well the laptop was going to get an upgrade soon, because it was a 2004 Dell Lattitude. Needless to say it was a dinosour and now I get a new one a little sooner.

It is funny, I almost want to come to work so that I can get my "basketball board fix". The theif really didn't hit the jackpot with the laptop, another reason I think it may have been a kid. They left a $1200 Samsung LCD TV and the Wii that were about 6 feet away. Not the most cunning burgler really.
Man, I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope everything gets resolved as soon as possible. Just 3, almost 4, years ago my wife and I were moving from an apartment to a rental house, literally less than a 10 minute walk from each other, and while we took a break to eat dinner, some kids robbed the apartment. Most of the stuff was moved, EXCEPT for the computer. We had left it there because my job required me to do support and rather than having to find a spot at the new place, I figured it best to save it for last. Same thing as with you, all of our sentimental pictures were on there, including most of our first born's baby pictures. Unfortunately, it was a computer I built so there was no serial number to trace. Oh, and they took a box of 1990-91 SkyBox Series 1 cards I had just busted (woopdiedoo). Again, I hope everything gets better and hopefully you'll be able to peak in on us from time to time. Best of wishes.
dude, that sucks. all best
Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully things start getting better soon.
First off glad no one was hurt. Second we will be here and it will only get better here. You wont miss much! But the board is starting to pick up more!!! Smile And I hope you get something in return for your losses. Sorry to hear about that, I was robbed at gun point WHILE sleeping some years back, thankfully all they wanted was my music equipment. But still I feel your pain!!! Sad Damn kids if so!!! Shouldnt they be in summer school!!!
man, sucks. but cool about getting a new laptop.. best of luck to u!
I wouldn't exactly say that they didn't get away with any big stuff, because if you used your credit or debit card on your computer to purchase things online, then you can bet that number is still on the hard drive, as well as pin number, etc....

If you did use your cc# or Debit card on the computer, call the credit card company or your bank, or both and have them put a watch on your account to see if anyone tries to use it., and if you use paypal let them know, because more than likely that acct info is on their as well.

Never , ever take a computer that was stolen lightly, even if they didn't take any big stuff, because if you use that thing every day, they can get a lot and generally go get a lot more than what people realize.
already did that. Thanks for looking out though.
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