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Full Version: Kobe MailDay
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Well picked up a few kobes off the bay, should be coming in three parts. So here is the first of the three A few lowend cards and a few nicer ones.
[Image: KobeBryant63.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant61.jpg]

[Image: KobeBryant59.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant58.jpg]

[Image: KobeBryant57.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant54.jpg]

[Image: KobeBryant56.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant55.jpg]
Not sure if this is the regular one or the bronze refractor, I know it says refractor common so hoping its is then it was a well spent 30 for all of these
[Image: KobeBryant60.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant60b.jpg]
Sweet Stuff..
i love the new edition card!!!!
(07-14-2011, 03:28 AM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]i love the new edition card!!!!
ME 2
Cant go wrong with Mr. Bryant. Thank you for sharing with us!!! Anytime your ready we would love to see your collection(s). Smile
Ok well the part 2 and 3 made it in at the same time so here the rest.

[Image: KobeBryant99.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant98.jpg]
[Image: KobeBryant97.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant96.jpg]
[Image: KobeBryant95.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant94.jpg]
[Image: KobeBryant93.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant92.jpg]
[Image: KobeBryant91.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant90.jpg]
[Image: KobeBryant89.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant88.jpg]
[Image: KobeBryant87.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant86.jpg]
[Image: KobeBryant85.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant84.jpg]
[Image: KobeBryant83.jpg] [Image: KobeBryant82.jpg]
Lovin that HS card of Bryants!!! Your screename should be "GOT KOBE?" Keep'em rollin in please! Smile