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Full Version: MAJOR Additions to my Olajuwon PC!
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I haven't seen these on the Bay, I had to jump on them when I saw them! They aren't in the greatest shape, but I'm sending them to get graded either way.

The first is a SPX Grand Finale and the second is a 1997-98 Finest Embossed Refractors Gold, which is his lowest numbered Finest parallel!

[Image: Olajuwons.jpg]
Cool cards!!!
Absolutly sick cards. Love those, wish I could afford the Kobe's for my collection. Keep up the good work. Heck sometimes it appears I cant even afford the Kemp's like that. 90's rare cards have really been killing me.
I would have to win the Lottery to afford the MJ versions! That's when I decided to pick up what I can't afford in MJ, from Olajuwon. Wish I would've done it sooner though, before all these sets started getting so expensive!
i love those finest cards, embossed, refractors, die cuts, they had it all.
Agreed. I am just glad I got it. I want to have as many of his rare 90s parallels as I can find, these 2 are towards the top of that list!
Oops, I posted this message on that other dudes MJ thread...........

A little OT, but htown are you going to that OKC show in August??? It says on this site it is at a hotel on South Meridian.

I didn't recognize the hotel name, but I assume it is the old Clarion there on S. Meridian. That is where the shows used to be and I have set up there before myself. Do you know if the hotel's name changed or is the show at a different hotel all together???

I haven't been that far west in OKC for a couple of years since some family left Mustang. The Ford Center is about as far as I have gone west the last few times.
Man, I didn't know there was one! I need to look it up!
Aug 13,14 - Oklahoma City Biltmore Hotel, 401 S. Meridian, Sa 9-5 Su 10-4, 50T, a:$3 - Mike Degarmo 405-227-2585

I got a Hakeem card in the post today so thought I'd post it in this thread (sorry for the bad scan)...

[Image: Olajuwon.jpg]
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