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Full Version: Favorite Looking Auto Set
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What is your favorite looking auto set or subset?

I like the season update dual and triple autos.
In reverse order...

#3 - 2000 Upper Deck Century Legends Legendary Signatures
One of the most iconic autograph sets, fittingly produced at the turn of the millennium featuring true NBA legends.
[Image: ElginBaylor3.jpg]

#2 - 2007-08 Chronology
Canvas style thick stock cards framed by a black border, these autographs are as classy as it gets.
[Image: GailGoodrich.jpg]

#1 - 2008-09 UD Black Autographs
Just a stunning on card design, ultra thick stock card, signed in silver pen on a beautiful black background.
[Image: KevinGarnett-1.jpg]
I don't like silver autos.

Pen Colors for autos

1) Blue
2) Red
3) Green
4) Purple
5) Gold
Okay! Glad you won't be bidding for the cards I want then Wink
In no order:

1.) 09'10 Panini Prestige "Old School" Autographs.
Panini's first basketball product. I busted a box and pulled a Dan Issel "Old School" insert card and the design just caught my eye. The colors..stars..and the fact that all signatures are on-card. Although I bash Panini most of the time, I give them credit for designing this "Old School" autograph set. I collected the whole set and below is the best player of the lineup and also rarest as there are only 50. Other players in the set are Bob McAdoo, David Thompson, Connie Hawkins, Dave Cowens, Bill Walton, Dell Curry, Chris Mullin, Walt Frazier, Kevin McHale, Kenny Walker and last but not least...Oscar Robertson.
Oscar Robertson

2.) 06'07 UD Ultimate Collection "Ultimate Signatures"
Just love the design, looks very regal to me and also all on-card autographs. Here's the Dr. J, just one of many players in this set. I also have Bill Laimbeer..
Julius Erving

3.) 96'97 Skybox Autographics
Needs no introduction. Off the top of my head of I know I have Charles Oakley & John Starks (from the Knicks PC) in this set...can't think of anymore. But I also have MJ's sidekick, who happens to think LeBum is the best player ever but is actually DWade's
Scottie Pippen

..and just some eye candy for the thread starter
Dante Cunningham
..I pulled a redemption for a Blair/James Johnson dual auto but haven't received it yet, since October 2010..
(07-10-2011, 12:13 PM)vgqv Wrote: [ -> ]3.) 96'97 Skybox Autographics
Scottie Pippen
Dude I still need that one for my 90's Bulls set ( Haven't got the money to pick it up from eBay yet... I've got Randy Brown, Bill Wennington, Toni Kukoc and have just purchased the Luc Longley... Some day I hope to be able to buy the Rodman too...

This Autographics set is definitely among my favorite auto sets..
love that Erving Ultimate.
autofocus. all of them. lol.
I do like the autofocus myself, but that Dream Team signatures out of 09-10 Hall of Fame is just sooooo cool. I can't bring myself to pay those prices for the singles on ebay. Even the Mullin and the Stockton go for more than I am willing to pay.

I think that the 48 Bowman autos are nice for the price, that is why I chased down the set.
Yeah Bowman 48 autos should have been in my top 3. I've completed the set and really love the look of them (not to mention the price is very reasonable... except the Bird and Walton).
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