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Full Version: GOOD PULLS ?
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I used to collect religiously but over the years ive stuck to memorabilia, ali gloves, mays' bats, 27' yankees team auto.... but i just noticed a shop in a new town i moved to and bought a few packs(3) .... i pulled a blake griffin 09-10 panini crown royal auto #21/399, an earl clark auto of the same card, and then i bought a rookies and stars pack and pulled a #10 carmelo anthony #6/25 super stars jersey card. any idea of what these are worth i didn't open them in the store ? and don't have access to a beckett. another thing ive found the super stars melo listed for 10$ ? thats impossible .... a card #'d to 25 worth 10$ ? i don't collect to sale them i just havnt collected in a while and feel like i made some good pulls ?
You made out really well on the Griffen rookie auto as he is one of the hotter names as of now.

As for the jersey card it might seem hard to believe if you have been away from the hobby for awhile, but they have very little sale value. Unless it is a patch, which is a piece of stitching that is usually multi-colored, single-color or all-white jersey cards are not in high demand.
The value of the Griffin auto should more than make up for the lacking value of those other cards. Big Grin He's a "fan favorite" to the MAX!!!